Which Rooms in My Home Need Smoke Detectors?

Smoke detectors are a critical component for protecting your home. They are designed to alert you of small amounts of smoke before a dangerous fire grows out of control. To keep you and your family safe, here are some tips on where to place smoke detectors and how to maintain them.

The location of smoke detectors in your house is important; some rooms have a higher risk of a fire starting in them than others. Early detection in these high-risk rooms or central locations in your home can help ensure the fire does not spread and that the occupants can escape safely. Smoke detectors should be placed in all bedrooms, living rooms (not directly over the fireplace), kitchens (not directly over the stove), and the top of stairways. At least one smoke detector should be on every floor. If you have bedrooms coming off a long hallway, it is a good idea to place a smoke detector there as an early warning for the occupants.

Smoke detectors are powered either by battery or hardwired into the home with a battery back-up in case of power failure. The hardwired smoke detectors typically link to the rest of the smoke detectors, which means when one goes off they all go off. In fact, building codes in many municipalities require hard-wired smoke detectors in newly built homes. Some deluxe models also have lights attached to them that will show you the safe way out of your home if there is thick smoke.

Batteries for smoke detectors should be changed twice a year, even if your models are hardwired into your home’s main electrical supply. Be sure to purchase top-of-the-line batteries; you do not want a cheap battery to stop working when it is supposed to protect you. As a reminder to change your batteries twice a year, consider replacing them on the weekends that Daylight Saving Time starts and stops.

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