At Highland Construction and Restoration, we strive to be the best resource for water and mold damage restoration in southeastern North Carolina. Water damage to your home or business can be stressful and cause frustrating problems like water marks on your wall and microbial growth, but we are here to walk you through the process and restore your property back to its undamaged condition.

Our process

Depending on the size of your property, type of loss, and the level of contamination of the water, we will determine a specific solution to ensure that things are handled right the first time.

In most cases, you will need to file an insurance claim before we begin the water and mold damage restoration process. Our goal is to have our estimator meet with your insurance adjuster on-site to get an idea of the project scope. We also strive to have an estimate back as soon as possible to prevent any hold on restoring your property.

Water and Mold Damage Restoration North Carolina
We will begin the repair process by:


Removing wet items (i.e. drywall, carpet, etc.)


Initiating the drying process with our industrial-quality fans and dehumidifiers to prepare for the restoration of the structure


Packing up salvageable items to take to our warehouse for cleaning and storage while we work on your property.”


Deep cleaning with professional tools and equipment to prevent microbial growth.

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Highland Construction and Restoration is here for you when you find yourself in need of fire and/or smoke damage restoration in the Fayetteville, Wilmington, Raleigh and the surrounding areas.

Mold is generally easy to spot if you know what to look for.

Mold Odor– not all types of mold have an odor but most do. If there is a musty smell mold may be present

Visible Check – some types of mold will show in clusters of small black spots on wall, ceiling, floors or baseboard. It can also be greenish brown or greenish gray. Mold is mostly found in area of concentrated moisture or high humidity which generally signals some type of water leak.
Most common types of water damage come from the following:

Leaking Hot water tanks, sink drains and supply lines, corroded pluming, HVAC condensation drain lines and pans, as well as outside forces such as flooding and wind driven rain.
Drying drywall can take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours. If the affected area sustained a large amount of water it is recommended to remove. With a little bit of water, drywall can become an ideal environment for mold. Even after drying it out, if mold has taken root, it will persist.
It depends on the amount of water the flooring sustained and the speed at which it was dried/extracted. If the flooring was highly saturated it is generally recommended to remove and replace and thoroughly dry and clean the subfloor prior to reinstalling.
Highland is equipped to work with all insurance carriers. Highland is also a preferred vendor for most large insurance carriers. Our Estimators have many years of experience writing insurance estimates. Once you sign on with Highland, you will be assigned a Project Coordinator and a Project Manager who will work closely with you, your adjuster, and insurance company.
Have your hot water tank and HVAC system check at a minimum once a year by a licensed professional. Check your attic and crawlspace periodically for signs of leaking also have your gutters cleaned / check at the change of each season as wells making sure downspouts force the water away from the home.

Why Choose Us for Water and Mold Damage Restoration

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Our team is equipped with the tools and certifications to handle any job, large or small. Our track record speaks for itself: we make your damage disappear.

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Our roots run deep. We’ve been family-owned since 1981, meaning we’ve been serving Fayetteville, Wilmington, Raleigh and for nearly 40 years!

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Stressful situations like storms and fires have a tendency to arise at the most inconvenient times. We understand, and that’s why we’re always available.

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When you’re experiencing loss, you should feel nothing but supported. Compassion, sensitivity, and understanding are trademarks of every Highland team member.

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We keep everyone on the same page as we restore both the comfort and functionality of our your home or business. You will have a dedicated Project Manager and Coordinator who can answer all of your questions.

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