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How to Spot Water Damage in Your Home

A pipe that bursts under a sink or a continual dripping from a roof leak is an easy clue that you have water damage; but, water leaks are not always that obvious. Here are some more subtle signs that you may have water damage in your home.

Look (or smell) for these things:

  • Discoloration – On your ceilings, look for dark spots that are usually tan, brown, or copper in color. The paint may be peeling or bubbling, especially at the wall/ceiling seam.
  • Rust – Near appliances or pipes, look for rust. While it may not immediately represent a water leak, it can alert you to monitor the area.
  • Standing Water – This can most commonly be found near appliances or under sinks. You will see small pools of water, indicating that there is either a leak or an appliance is improperly attached to the water line.
  • Changes in Floor Texture – Water can seep into your flooring and change the way it sits, as well as the overall appearance. Wood planks will warp, pulling apart at the edges or “curling” away from each other. Wood floors can also buckle, where one side breaks away from the subfloor and “tents” upward. You may also experience sagging, where parts of the floor are softer or uneven due to wood rot. Expansion of wood and laminate flooring is the last indicator, where the material becomes waterlogged and pulls away at the seams.
  • Odor – Appearance of mildew or a musty smell can indicate water damage. Several kinds of drywall may act as a sponge and absorb water, hold it, and eventually mold. Musty and mildew odors can indicate that water has been accumulating for a while inside the walls of your home.

It is a good idea to inspect areas of your home for water damage, especially during the winter months when pipes can freeze or a roof can leak from excessive rain or melting snow. Be sure to take necessary steps to prevent further damage to your home if you should suspect or discover a water leak. Depending on the source of the leak, you may even need to turn off the water at the main water valve (usually near the street).

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