Top DIY Water Damage Restoration Mistakes

At Highland Construction, not a day goes by without us hearing about someone being scammed by an unscrupulous construction company. While the construction industry has evolved dramatically, with certified experts working for reputable businesses, somehow, scammers know when to swoop in to take distressed homeowners for a ride.

Top DIY Water Damage Restoration Mistakes

Flooding in your home can be caused by any number of problems, from bad weather to broken water lines and overflowing sewage. Water can get into your home unannounced at times and leave a trail of mess like chemical or fecal matter behind. The situation can and often is very overwhelming, leading a newbie to make mistakes during the restoration process.

The fact is that your options are limited when faced with water damage. Though you can take steps to mitigate the damage, resolving the issues, later on, is easier and faster. But you’d want to avoid these errors, which can cost you big time not just in the way of damaged personal belongings, but further damage to your home.

Not Using or Having the Tools For The Job

Ask anyone who has ever faced water damage and they will tell you it can turn your life upside down. However, over 14 million homes are reportedly damaged by flooding each year. So, while you might assume that your home is safe, the fact is that you can’t say for sure. That’s why you always have to be prepared with the right tools in your hand. The worst thing is to be unprepared and then try improvising with tools that weren’t meant for the job. This approach is going to make life difficult.

You will want to have the following tools in your home at the very least:


·      A dehumidifier the larger, the better to aid in the drying process

·      A shop vac

·      Moisture detector to detect excess moisture

·      Microfiber towels and cloth

highland inc storm damage
highland inc construction storm damage

Not Taking Water Damage Seriously

Sure, you may not think water pooling inside your home is a big deal, but not when it is flooded. Water is the giver of life, but its destructive nature is well documented. Usually, this damage is not easily apparent at first but slowly surfaces as time passes.

Water damage that’s not taken seriously will:

Damage to the foundation – Water seeps into the home’s foundation, leading to cracks in the concrete. Foundational damage costs several thousand dollars to repair, and the process can take weeks. That means even if a pipe bursts, act quickly.

Undermine structural components – Pooling water can and often does damage wooden beams, joists, loading bearing walls and other structures. Plus, bacteria in the water can eat away at structural components, which leads to numerous safety risks over time. That’s why you’d want to kickstart the water damage restoration process right away.

Electricity – It is common knowledge that water and electricity aren’t the safest combinations. Not only can this cause bodily harm, but also harm to the electrical system. This would mean completely replacing the electrical system, a step that can cost thousands of dollars.

Visual appeal – Nobody enjoys seeing water stains on their walls and other surfaces much less the devastation caused by sewage backups. If anything, your home deserves to look better, which is why water damage restoration is a priority and needs to be addressed.

Air quality – Low-quality air can result from water damage, and the build-up of bacteria will lead to mold, which can lead to spores. Spores combined with low air quality are the #1 cause of severe health issues in water-damaged homes.

Each year water damage costs Americans $20 billion in costs. This is why water damage has to be taken seriously, if not for its serious health consequences. Plus, make sure that you have flood insurance since not having it means you’ll have to pay for the entire restoration process, which can be very expensive.

water and mold damage highland inc construction
highland inc construction water and mold damage

Rushing The Cleanup Encourage Mold Growth

Water damage restoration and cleanup require a meticulous approach. The most common mistake we see people make, especially homeowners with no prior experience, is rushing through the process. That’s often because they have other things to do and can’t wait till their homes are fully stored.

Fortunately, if you address water damage right away, there isn’t much that needs to be repaired. Plus, you’re minimizing the likely hood of permanent damage. That said, rushing through the process is only a temporary solution. That’s why you will want to hire a team of professionals to follow a proven approach to cleaning and dehumidifying your home.

Waiting Too Long To Choose Water Damage Restoration Companies

Just as important is not to wait too long to clean up water damage. The longer you wait, the more damage standing water can and will do to your home. Regardless of what led to the water damage, you should be ready to address it right away.

Ignoring Safety Procedures

Water stains aren’t a significant safety risk. However, even getting close to inspect prior damage can be potentially dangerous. You are dealing with everything from bacteria to mold spores, which can weaken the structure, leading to structural damage, thus resulting in various health issues. That’s why you always want to be wearing protective gear.

Always wear a mask, waterproof shoes, long pants, long sleeves shirts, etc. The idea is to cover every inch of your skin so that you’re not exposed to harmful pathogens in the water. 

Cleaning Before Addressing Underlying Issues

We’ve seen instances where restoring your home after damage may be easy. However, finding the cause of the issue, i.e., the source of all that water, can be somewhat complex. This could often be because the damage was caused by a malfunctioning washing machine or one with a leak, which resulted in foul odor and clothes that were not washed properly.

It is essential to get the assistance you need to repair the appliance before you address the damage. That’s why to start with finding the cause of the damage, then address that and restore the space. Our water damage restoration services may take these exact steps depending on the situation we are faced with.

water and mold damage cleanup highland inc nc
water damage and mold highland inc

We Can Help You While Reducing Water Damage Restoration Cost

At Highland Construction, we help to restore water-damaged properties, regardless of their extent. We know that water damage can and often is devastating, but much of it can be minimized with the right approach in time.

If your home has been damaged by a flood, either caused by a natural disaster or a malfunctioning appliance, do not hesitate to call us. We will be more than happy to help you.

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