Smoke Damage After A Fire

Thousands of house fires happen every year. Many people do not realize that the soot and smoke from a house fire can cause damage throughout the home.

smoke damage after a fire

Thousands of house fires happen every year. Many people do not realize that the soot and smoke from a house fire can cause damage throughout the home. After smoke damage occurs, it is critical to contact Highland Construction and Restoration to begin restoration of your home. Not only are they available 24/7, they are also a reliable and award-winning restoration company.

Preparing for Restoration

If not cleaned correctly, the smoke damage will leave residue throughout your home. An estimator from Highland Construction and Restoration will come to your home to get an accurate understanding of the project. The estimator will take pictures to document the damage and create an inventory list of all property, including damaged and undamaged. The estimator from Highland will communicate with your insurance adjuster to streamline the process.

Restoration Process

As soon as the homeowner and insurance company approve the scope of work, certified and experienced technicians begin the restoration process. Salvageable items are taken to the Highland Construction and Restoration warehouse. Once there, the items are then cleaned, inventoried, and stored until the project is complete. The soot and smoke residue is then removed from the air and surfaces with specialized equipment. The structural damage in the home is repaired.

After an incident involving fire in your home, dealing with smoke and soot damage is stressful.  Highland Construction and Restoration is a family owned company built on compassion and understanding. They are exactly the professionals to trust with restoring your home and getting your life back to normal as soon as possible.

smoke damage highland inc nc

Highland Construction and Restoration cares about your safety. We know firsthand what it is like to experience a home fire, and we understand the emotions people go through after a disaster like this happens. Highland Construction and Restoration handles smoke and fire damage to homes and commercial buildings in southeastern North Carolina through our offices in Fayetteville and Wilmington. Contact us today at 910.485.6738 and put an experienced remodeling and restoration company behind you.

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fire and smoke restoration highland inc nc

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