Recovering From A Natural Disaster

The best way to recover from a natural disaster is to hire a home restoration service. This is especially important if your property has sustained damage from flooding, fire, and storms. A professional service like ours can help to prevent any further damage, which means you spend less money on repairs

Top Tips By A Leading Restoration Company

The best way to recover from a natural disaster is to hire a home restoration service. This is especially important if your property has sustained damage from flooding, fire, and storms. A professional service like ours can help to prevent any further damage, which means you spend less money on repairs. Furthermore, it ensures that you and everyone in your home remain safe.

Now, apart from hiring a restoration company, there are a few things you can do to mitigate damage to your property. This is until a professional emergency services company can come in and start restoring your home. The approach will also help if a natural disaster like a storm is ongoing.

Quick Post Disaster Cleanup To Prevent Further Damage

As a home or business owner, you already understand that disasters strike when you least expect it. For instance, an area may get flooded, or it may sustain repeated damage each time things become worse. That’s why post-disaster cleanup is so important. Ideally, you’ll want to undertake this within 24 hours of the disaster.

If it’s flooding, start by assessing the damage, drain the water, and remove debris and grime. We have a detailed post about recovering from flood damage.

If the disaster is across a wider area, you might need more than one person to help you. That is when you should call a restoration company to help you. Most times, the company will have specialized teams they send over to assist with recovery

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Plan Through The Restoration Process and All Your Restoration Needs

Once you have ascertained the extent of damage, it is time to start planning for restoration. You will want to begin by removing fixtures, objects, and other damaged items. Then clean the floors and subfloors.

Areas damaged by fire will need to be entirely removed. If it was water damage, then laminated flooring and similar will need to be removed, or you’ll have to deal with flakes and cracks. A project manager will usually get any removal approved by you.

Use a mold solution in mold-damaged areas. If you see black mold, use white vinegar to remove them. Spray it on the affected surface until the mold thins out. You may want to soak the area in white vinegar overnight. This will help a great deal with the cleanup and restoration process.

Dispose of all the porous material affected, like insulated surfaces and drywall, because they become dirt magnets when combined with water. The result is the ideal breeding place for mold. Most businesses in the restoration industry will advise that these items be removed right away.

Turn Off Power To The Property When Disaster Strikes

You might want to flip the switch on the mains on your property. This will help to minimize the odds of electrocution and fire hazards. Disconnect any outlets, and turn off your water-damaged appliances and related devices when draining them. This will help you stay safe through the entire process.

Furthermore, cover all exposed wires using electrical tape, and remove damaged connections entirely until restoration work has been completed. As always, wear thick, insulated gloves when attempting to do anything electricity related.

Make Sure You Have The Right Personal Protective Equipment Ready

To ensure that you are protected at all times from injuries, some of which can be caused by protruding pieces of wood, shards of glass, and contaminated water, ensure that you wear protective gear. You will want to wear protective gear even if dealing with something like smoke damage since you never know what type of health issues venturing in may cause you.

You will want to at least have hard hats, N95 masks, safety boots, safety gloves, and goggles before taking on any restoration work. If you don’t have the right safety equipment for the job and don’t have experience with restoring a property after a natural disaster, then it’s best to hire a home restoration company. Hire one that guarantees a quick response

Take Photos Of The Damage, and Then After It is Restored For The Insurance Company

You will want to take photos of all the damage done to your property by the natural disaster. Make sure to hone in on damaged portions of specific property like your car, motorcycle, and others that are individually insured. 

Having pictures will make claiming insurance a lot easier. All insurance companies ask for proof, and pictures should make your life easier. The pictures also come in handy if you’ve hired a restoration company to do the job; it helps you identify how good of a job they have done.

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Restore Proper Sanitation In The Home

Damage to your home caused by a natural disaster or any similar incident will lead to contamination and dirt, as well as other sanitation hazards. That’s why ensuring that your home is sanitized as part of the restoration process is crucial.

One way to sanitize your house would be to combine some bleach and water, which is then sprayed across all affected areas. Let the solution stand on the items for an hour. This will make your utensils usable. The same goes for water bottles and cooking utensils.

Ensure Everything Is Clean and Dry

If your home was flood damaged, dry out all the furniture and related areas. Anything that was damaged by the floodwater should be cleaned. Depending on how much water may be in your basement and home, you can mop the water out or use a pump.

You can also use a few rented dehumidifiers and open fans to dry the space. Then, turn on the air-conditioner after everything is clean to suck up any residual water in the furniture, carpets, and rugs. Partly contaminated carpets can be washed with a carpet cleaner or shampoo.

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Final Word

Disaster can strike when you least expect it. Sometimes the damage may be more extensive than you expected. That’s why it is worth understanding how home restoration works. However, if in doubt, call a reputed restoration company to do the work for you.

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