Professional crime scene cleanup

Tragedies happen without any announcement. Vandalism, burglary, or worse - these are the things nobody anticipates will happen, but they do.

Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Solutions

Tragedies happen without  any announcement. Vandalism, burglary, or worse – these are the things  nobody anticipates will  happen, but they do. But when a disturbing event hits  close to home, you  need to be prepared to handle the consequences, so  they can quickly return  to a routine lifestyle. 

With the expertise of Highland Construction and  Restoration, crime scene cleanup is an expedient  process. The professional  team will restore the  property and erase any  physical traces of the  traumatic event. 

When sorting out a crime  scene, the do-it-yourself  approach is not advisable.  After all, it can be an  emotionally taxing process  that may reinforce the  psychological scarring that  resulted from the crime.  Additionally, engaging in  untested or unsuitable  clean-up can potentially  expose the homeowner to  further health risks. 

Professional help is the best  course of action to take here – and Highland Inc. guarantees a satisfactory  outcome for residents of the following areas in North  Carolina: FayettevilleWilmington, and Raleigh

To give you an idea of what  we do, and how we do it,  here is all to know about  crime scene cleaning. 

What is Crime Scene Cleaning?

They call them second responders because they step in after paramedics and firefighters have left, and after investigators have made the scene open to the public.

The crime scene cleanup crew is not part of any law enforcement agency. It’s a team of professionals employed by a private company that provides technical know-how in restoring physical damage or decontaminating an area from hazardous substances.

One crucial trait they share with first responders is that they are also on call, ready to intervene at a client’s request, within an hour. That same philosophy is part of the Highlands Inc. culture, and the service portfolio at hand makes it a superb provider for fixing damage from burglary, arson, or when a drunken driver crashes a vehicle into a yard or side of a house.

Highland INC Crime scene cleanup solutions

Cleanup Operating Procedures

The law makes it a crime not to report criminal activity. It is property  owners that should inform  the police about any form of  crime they have been a  victim of immediately after  the event, or as soon as  possible after becoming  aware of it. In these cases,  offering to cooperate with  the authorities is a must. 

Following the conclusion of the preliminary investigation, contacting the insurance company is the following step, to begin the  process of assessing the  damage and preparing  documentation for  reimbursement payments. 

It’s always practical to personally document the  damage. With today’s  technology resources, it’s  not difficult to photograph  the property and archive the  evidence of the  vandalism for future  references.

Memory fades, and the case may go to court; you will need to refresh your recollection of what got destroyed. This is typically done in tandem with detailed auditing to identify stolen items. The police will want a list of everything stolen, while most cleanup teams are interested in the items still on the scene.

Avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings or accusations of misplaced items is best accomplished with a clear list of what’s in the room. That way, both parties will be comfortable in proceeding with the task at hand.

The team will survey the damaged property and report on any needed restorations. They will also make a detailed estimate of the cost of materials and labor. Based on the severity of the damage, the repairs can take one or several days, and in the meantime, the home needs to be protected from its elements, so boarding up broken windows or doors should be a priority.

If a more serious event has taken place, like murder or an occurrence that has produced bodily fluids, getting a biohazard cleanup team on-site in the shortest time frame is a priority.

Highland INC Crime scene cleanup solutions
Highland Inc Construction crime scene cleanup

Risks Associated with a Crime Scene

The most common outcome of criminal activities is some form of material destruction. Yet, in situations of physical altercations or murder, bodily fluids contaminate the scene. If blood is present, there is a risk for transmission of infectious pathogens, requiring timely and proper sanitizing of all surfaces for a safe living environment.

Specialty protective equipment and chemicals get implemented in disinfecting the premises. It’s a job best handled by certified professionals experienced in dealing with the hazardous material. Following sanitization, technicians will cover any stains from the incident, and deodorize the affected areas. Cleanup teams aim to eliminate any traces that can get associated with the traumatic event.

Another frequent occurrence is break-ins by drug addicts that forcibly enter a house and use it as a temporary base for intravenous injection. In cases like this, a thorough residential search is necessary to locate and dispose of any hypodermic needles that may endanger the future occupants.

Accidently getting pricked with a needle can lead to infections with hepatitis or other viruses and bacteria. Never attempt to handle needles by yourself, the professionals at Highland Construction and Restoration can do it for you!

Insurance Coverage for Cleanup

Every insurance policy is different, making it a priority to check and see what type of coverage gets included in your insurance plan. But, as a general rule, most crime scene cleanup services, including Highland Inc, are equipped to work with all insurance companies.

Highlands’ long history of working with insurance carriers has made the company a preferred vendor for providers. It enables Highland estimators to accumulate experience in writing insurance estimates. If you decide to choose Highland to clean up a crime or a messy scene at a venue or a home, we will assign a project coordinator and a project manager to work with the client and insurance provider to expedite the process.

Final Thought

Stressful events don’t get announced, they happen out of the blue and have a tendency to reduce cognitive and physical abilities. That’s why it’s important to have access to a reputable company that can help overcome a crisis related to a crime.

With four decades in the construction and restoration business, Highland Inc. has the knowledge, equipment, and experience to handle every crime scene cleanup, from biohazard disposal to structural repair of a house.

The company has a successful track record of helping crime victims in southeastern North Carolina. Testimonials of past clients speaks volumes of the sensitivity expressed in managing traumatic situations and proficiency in eliminating the scars of the criminal act, making it possible for clients to continue with their lives.

If you require help call Highland Inc. at 910.485.6738 / 919.803.6242. Alternatively, you can reach out via the website’s contact form or social media pages. Clients are welcome to visit the company’s offices in Fayetteville, Wilmington, or Raleigh for an on-site consultation.

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