Post-Hurricane FAQ

In the event of a catastrophe, like the hurricanes Harvey and Irma, loss of loved ones and property damage can be devastating, and recovery takes time.

Post-Hurricane FAQ

In the event of a catastrophe, like the hurricanes Harvey and Irma, loss of loved ones and property damage can be devastating, and recovery takes time. It’s always good to be as prepared as possible. Property owners that have been affected, need to take measures to prevent additional damage to their homes after a hurricane by contacting their flood and home insurance companies to begin the insurance claim process.

Highland INC construction hurricane damage

Q: Does my insurance company cover hurricane damage?

A: A homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover all of the possible damage a hurricane can cause to your home. Most standard homeowners and renters insurance policies often cover wind damage. Your policy, therefore, can compensate you for damage to your home that results from a hurricane or high winds (e.g., broken windows, torn roof, damage from fallen trees, etc.).

To get reimbursed for water damage, however, homeowners would need additional flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program. It is important to review your insurance policy thoroughly to learn what it covers and contact your local agent with questions to discuss your insurance needs.

Q: When should I begin the restoration process? Do I need to wait to hear from my insurance company?

A: During a storm event, it is important to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Maintain the names, date, and time of everyone you spoke with at your insurance company. Since the insurance company may be overwhelmed by the number of people filing claims, it is reasonable to start protecting your home and property from more damage before your insurance adjuster has even inspected the property.

Before conducting any repairs, make sure you capture the extent of the water damage to support insurance claims by taking pictures or video of the damaged area and property. For structural or more permanent repairs, you might want to wait until your insurance company approves your claim.

Q: What services does Team Highland Construction offer?

A: Team Highland Construction offers complete disaster restoration services aimed to provide immediate relief and prevent further damage. We provide a wide range of services which include removing standing water (using large submersible pumps or extraction equipment), removing wet material (drywall, insulation, floor coverings, etc.), cleaning and treating the areas affected and drying out your property to prevent additional damages. We can also help you with all the repairs needed to get you back to normal.

Highland INC construction post-hurricane
Highland INC construction post hurricane damage

Our team is committed to easing any stress and uncertainty in the aftermath of a disaster through effective communication during each step of the restoration process. If you have hurricane damage to your North Carolina home, please contact Team Highland Construction for professional restoration service. We care about you and our community.

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