Make Fire Safety Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

According to the United States Fire Administration, 84% of all fire deaths in the United States and 79% of all fire injuries happen in the home. Highland Construction and Restoration would like to urge our neighbors in southeastern North Carolina to make fire safety a top priority when making their New Year’s resolutions.

In the interest of keeping you and yours safe, we would like to offer these few tips to practice in the coming year.

Fire Safety Tips

  • Make sure your home is equipped with fire alarms. Over 50% of all house fires occur at night while people are asleep. Alarms are an inexpensive investment in your family’s safety.
  • Test your fire alarms monthly and change batteries before it is needed.
  • Upgrade your smoke detectors and fire alarms every few years. Fire detection technology develops very quickly.
  • Did you know 47% of all fires in the home start in the kitchen and cooking fires account for 43% of all fire deaths? Never leave food unattended when cooking and place a fire extinguisher or box of baking soda within easy reach of your stove. Quick reactions can stop a minor fire from spreading.
  • Never leave candles or fireplace fires burning unattended.
  • Never leave lighters or matches where children can reach them. Kids are curious and don’t always recognize the danger of their actions.
  • Educate your kids about fire safety. Teach them what to do in the event of a fire. Run monthly fire drills at home just like they do in schools. Make sure everyone in your family knows where the designated meeting place is and that it is a safe distance from your home.

Highland Construction and Restoration cares about your safety. We know firsthand what it is like to experience a home fire, and we understand the emotions people go through after a disaster like this happens. Highland Construction and Restoration handles smoke and fire damage to homes and commercial buildings in southeastern North Carolina through our offices in Fayetteville and Wilmington. Contact us today at 910.485.6738 and put an experienced remodeling and restoration company behind you.

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