Is Frying a Turkey Dangerous?

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and many people are looking forward to deep frying their turkey. Deep-fried turkey is juicy and has an irresistible flavor. It is a speedy way of preparation that has gained immense popularity among many families, but it is potentially dangerous.

It is critical that you observe all the safety measures to avoid the damages that could be caused by the frying process. Deep fryer fires not only destroy property but also lead to loss of life and other serious health problems. The following are a few guidelines that will help you avoid the dangers of deep frying turkey during this holiday season.

1. Wear Protective Gear

When deep frying a turkey, oil splattering is almost unavoidable. The moment you try to put the turkey into the deep fryer, some oil will spill out. If you are not careful, the oil could cause significant burns on your body. Anytime you want to fry a turkey, ensure that you put on the right protective gear in case of any splatters. Safety glasses will also help to protect your eyes from splashing oil.

2. Do Not Deep Fry Indoors

Deep-frying turkey in enclosed rooms is a common mistake. It is extremely dangerous to do it indoors. The best place to prepare the turkey is in an open space. Additionally, ensure you avoid setting up the fryer near garages or any other areas with highly flammable things.

3. Avoid Deep Frying a Frozen Turkey

Oil and water do not mix at all. If you put a frozen turkey into hot oil, you risk burning yourself. Ensure that the turkey is completely dry before letting it into the oil. Don’t let your oil get too hot lest it catches fire. Always have a fire extinguisher nearby to put out the fire in case it breaks out.

Following these simple tips will assure you of not only a delicious turkey but safety for you and your loved ones.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving from Highland Construction and Restoration!

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