Grease Fires in the Kitchen

Kitchen grease fires are the leading cause of home fires in the United States. A grease fire will in most cases start when oil or fat is left on the stove unattended. Being highly flammable, the oil will quickly over-heat, ignite, burn and spread out. Other times, grease fires can be caused by spills in the drip pan often coming from previous cooking sessions.

With Thanksgiving being just a few days away, it is essential to stay informed about the dos and don’ts for handling a kitchen fire. A kitchen grease fire creates a quick, intense flash of heat that, if not put out quickly, can result in severe damage. It can get out of control and spread throughout the kitchen and other rooms of your house.

Pouring water on a kitchen grease fire will only make it worse. The water does not help extinguish the fire but instead causes the burning oil to explode into flames. Since water is heavier than grease, it will sink right through to the bottom of the pan and evaporate instantly, spreading flaming oil everywhere.

What you should do if the worst happens is to immediately turn the heat off and cover the pot/pan with a metal lid. In the absence of oxygen, the fire will eventually snuff out. If there is no lid, pour plenty of salt or baking soda to smother the fire. If the grease fire is getting out of control, use a fire extinguisher as a last resort, or get out of the house and call 911.

As we celebrate our holidays with friends and family, it is important to stay on guard and not get distracted or leave cooking unattended. Whenever you leave the kitchen, always remember to turn off the stove.

We want to wish you a happy and safe Holiday Season from Highland Construction and Restoration.

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