Dealing with Fire and Smoke Damage

Can you imagine life without fire? Yes, we praise the “invention” of it, but we inevitably have to accept the destruction it brings.

Dealing with Fire and Smoke Damage

Can you imagine life without fire? Yes, we praise  the “invention” of it, but we inevitably have to accept the destruction it brings.

We turn on the news and hear about fires annihilating places, leaving behind a pile of black soot. We hope that nothing like that ever comes our way, but sometimes the unexpected is right before our doorstep.

In 2020, North Carolina had 2,364 fires and was ranked number 6 in the USA for states with the most fires.

Flammable solids

But you have to wonder, why does it happen so often? Is smoke damage dangerous? What is actually smoke damage? Let’s go through all of these burning questions

What is Smoke Damage?

Even the smallest of fires can bring upon catastrophic consequences.

One of the most devastating things in life is when your home gets taken away from you by the forces of nature. Fires ravage around uncontrollably and destroy everything in their path. But even after the fire is subdued, danger of smoke damage is still lurking around the corner.

Everyone knows what fire damage is, but have you heard that smoke can be as bad? Smoke damage is everything that is impacted by smoke. And as you might have guessed, it comes hand in hand with fire.

You know the saying “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”? Well, apply it literally here.
If an object is burning it is definitely going to produce smoke. And that smoke can create damage not only to your home or office but to your health too

fire and smoke damage cleanup

Types of Fire and Smoke damage

It’s easy for a fire to spread. Once it has been given the fuel to ignite – sometimes quite literally – it takes the wheel and goes off. And while the fire turns everything to ashes, the smoke settles down on all surrounding things, including those that survived the fire.

Naturally, you’d want to get this cleaned as soon as possible. But, you should also know that not all fire and smoke damage is the same. For example, fire damage in the US is classified like so:

  • Class A: Fire damage from flammable solids;
  • Class B: Fire damage from flammable liquids;
  • Class C: Flammable gasses;
  • Class D: Ignitable metals;
  • Class E: A mix of class A and B, but with electrics added in;
  • Class F: Cooking of oils and fats.

On the other hand, these are types of smoke damage:

  • Wet Smoke: It is usually caused by fires that burn plastic or rubber. They have a distinctive smell and produce more black soot. This makes it easier for them to cover everything around.
  • Dry Smoke: This one is caused by burning paper or wood. Don’t let its light and airy look fool you; because of it dry smoke has an easier way of getting into small spaces.
  • Remains from proteins: Protein remains are not that prominent but can stain the surface if not cleaned properly. It’s mostly common in kitchen fires.
  • Remains from petroleum: Petroleum remains are the trickiest of them all.
    These are based on petroleum i.e. gasoline which is why it produces sticky and thick residue – the hardest to clean.

How Does It Affect Your Home or Business?

The effect of fires is evident – clear destruction. But not everyone knows that smoke can create as much damage. You might think that this is weird – how can smoke damage anything?

The carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and soot that it has and produces are extremely dangerous for your health. And, because carbon monoxide comes in the form of gas, it can penetrate everything – your bedroom, furniture, and even in the vents where it can cause electrical problems.

Fire and smoke damage is tricky even after it is restrained. The soot from the burnt items or the smoke itself can go into the smallest cracks of your home or office. So don’t wonder if you feel a lingering sooty odor

fire and smoke cleanup
Highland INC North Carolina smoke and fire damage

Common Causes of Fire

The main 2 factors are natural causes and humans. It’s not a secret that when you have someone to blame, you take the hit better. But, fires can come and go unexpectedly – one bolt of lightning is all it takes to ignite a forest blaze.

North Carolina has reported that 5% of incidents are fire-related. Here is a list of the most common causes for fire and smoke damage:

  • Smoking inside
  • Candles
  • Distractions while cooking
  • Faulty wiring
  • Defective electrical equipment
  • Unattended candles
  • Natural causes like wildfires, bolts of lightning, etc.

Signs of Fire and Smoke Damage

Smoke is the first and most important sign of fire damage. So when you notice one, you should expect the other to be nearing. Sometimes, you can tame the fire quickly, yet still have to face the consequences of smoke damage.

To avoid a possible increase in fire and smoke damage, here are some signs:

  • Soot around the walls or floors;
  • Smoky smell on the furniture, clothes, or anywhere around the area;
  • Yellow blotches on the roof or walls;

Discolored surfaces; etc.

Who to Call

The impact of fire and smoke damage can be overwhelming. It’s not easy losing your home or office, and having to go through the process of renovating ads on your hardships.

Call Highland Construction and Restoration on our emergency number 910.485.6738 / 919.803.6242 and let us lend a helping hand in these tough times!

We are an NC licensed general contractor and EPA-certified renovator who can help you with any type of fire or smoke damage. Our team has the best professionals in this area from all over North Carolina.

Visit our offices at:

You can contact us via social media or fill out this online form. Tell us how we can help and let’s restore the safety in your home!

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