The stories you hear on the news of drivers losing control and driving their car into a home or business or vandals causing damage during a crime are very real. You never know when your home or business will be broken into and you will become the victim of vandalism. But you do know who you can call on if that ever happens to you: Highland can handle all of your crime scene cleanup needs with sensitivity and efficiency. We get the job done right the first time.

Our process

Highland Construction and Restoration also provides professional services to clean and repair any type of damage from crime scenes resulting in bio-hazardous material and trauma situations.

Whatever the situation, Highland Construction, and Restoration have your back. Call us any time, 24/7, and within an hour, we will be there to help you with Crime Scene Cleanup.

Crime Scene Cleanup

When your property has been damaged because of vandalism or is at the scene of a crime, it’s important to act quickly.


Call the police immediately


Once the scene has been cleared by law enforcement, call your insurance company


If your property has been damaged by theives, take lots of photos to document the damage. Look for items that may have been stolen


Secure your property from further damage. Board up damaged doors and windows


If your property is the scene of death, don’t clean it yourself. Call Highland to send a team of experts trained in bioharzard cleanup

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Highland Construction and Restoration is here for you when you find yourself in need of fire and/or smoke damage restoration in the Fayetteville, Wilmington, Raleigh and the surrounding areas.

Before the fire department leaves your property, find out if there are broken windows, doors, holes in the roof, or exterior walls. If any of these exist, you will need to contact your insurance company and have Highland Construction send a team immediately to secure the property. Highland keeps emergency vehicles stocked 24/7 with plywood, tarps, and other emergency supplies needed to secure your home. If you cannot stay due to the damage, contact your local police department and inform them the home is vacant due to fire. Let your neighbors know where you are and how to reach you.

According to First Alert the top three are;


According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the number one cause of home fires is unattended cooking. Make sure that you stay in the room while you are cooking with a heat source. If you cannot stay in the room the whole time, ask another adult in the family to watch over your food. When cooking food for long periods of time, use a timer so you don’t lose track of time. 

Heating Equipment

When the weather turns colder, we are going to heat our home. Space heaters should be used if only a small portion of your home needs to be heated. Keep your space heater away from anything that could easily catch fire, including curtains, laundry, blankets, and furniture. If your home relies on a furnace during the winter, call a professional to get it inspected once a year to ensure it is running properly. 

Faulty Wiring

Your home’s wiring likely isn’t something that you think about often. However, faulty wiring is a potential way for a house fire to start. Luckily, there are typically signs that point to the fact that your house’s wiring isn’t working correctly. Watch out for lights that dim when you use another appliance, if you are only able to use one appliance at a time, and frequently blown fuses.

Some of the signs that point to your house’s wiring isn’t working correctly. Watch out for lights that dim when you use another appliance, if you are only able to use one appliance at a time, and/or have frequently blown fuses/ tripped backers. If any of the above signs are noticed you will need to contact a licensed electrical contractor immediately.

Immediately after a fire, you may begin to notice stains on your walls, ceilings, or other plaster surfaces. As the hours pass, you may also begin to notice rust and corrosion on metal hardware throughout your home. In addition, your fabric items may slowly begin to show visible signs of smoke damage.

Highland is equipped to work with all insurance carriers. Highland is also a preferred vendor for most large insurance carriers. Our Estimators have many years of experience writing insurance estimates. Once you sign on with Highland, you will be assigned a Project Coordinator and a Project Manager who will work closely with you, your adjuster, and insurance company.  

First contact your insurance company to report the fire. Then tell them you are requesting Highland Construction for the mitigation and repairs. Also let the insurance know if there are broken windows, doors, holes in the roof or exterior walls. If any of these exist you will need to let your insurance know to dispatch an emergency crew from Highland immediately to protect your property.

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