Bedroom Fire Safety: Protecting You and Your Family

A bedroom is a sacred place where you and your family should feel safe, but the ongoing fear of a fire in that area can make sleeping peacefully difficult, especially if you have young children. The anxiousness caused by this concern is not an unreasonable one; 25% of fires start in a home bedroom.

Have A Smoke Alarm In Every Bedroom

Fires spread quickly; the best way to decrease the likelihood of injury in a fire is by acting fast. The only way to do this is by notifying everyone in the home that a fire is occurring as soon as possible, which is what smoke alarms are programmed to do. Smoke alarms reduce the death rate by 51%. Having a smoke alarm in each bedroom can be the difference between life or death.

Watch Your Space Heaters

While space heaters are useful for cold bedrooms, they are also dangerous if not used properly. Space heaters are the cause of 79% of fatal home heating fires. In order to prevent fires, never leave an operating space heater unattended. Check to make sure that the space heater is turned off before going to bed or leaving the room.

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Keep Your Cords Untangled

Electricity produces heat. When numerous cords are plugged in and touching each other, the heat cannot dissipate correctly, which presents a fire hazard. Before leaving a room or going to bed, ensure that the cords are not covered with other cords or any other objects that can prevent them from cooling.

Do Not Sleep With Charging Phones On Your Bed

The most common time for someone to charge a phone is while they are sleeping. This, coupled with the fact that most people use their phone before falling asleep, can sometimes lead to the person falling asleep with their phone on the bed. As mentioned above, electricity causes heat. If the phone slides under your blanket or pillow while you are sleeping, the heat will not be able to escape and can potentially cause a fire.

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We Understand Home Fires

Team Highland Construction & Restoration cares about your safety, and we want you to know we are always here for you if tragedy should ever strike. In fact, we know what it’s like to experience a home fire and understand the emotions people go through after a disaster like this happens. Team Highland Construction & Restoration handles smoke and fire damage for residential homes and commercial buildings surrounding the Fayetteville and Wilmington North Carolina area. Contact us today at 910-485-6738 and put an experienced remodeling and restoration company behind you.

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