10 Ways to Minimize Storm Damage at Once

Storms can completely wreck an unsuspecting house, whether by mangling its exterior or by affecting power lines and water distribution.

10 Ways to Minimize Storm Damage at Once

Storms can completely wreck an unsuspecting house, whether by mangling its exterior or by affecting power lines and water distribution.

Here are 10 top steps that you’d need to take in order to prevent and minimize storm damage if it were to occur

1. Thoroughly Check for Damage

The most basic step that you need to take to minimize storm damage is to do damage control.

Once the storm is over, go over both the interior and exterior of your house and make a list of all surfaces and objects that have been affected by the calamity and may need repair.

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2. Make Sure Nearby Trees are Trimmed

If you live in an area prone to storms, you need to ensure that all trees in your yard – or your vicinity – are regularly trimmed. This way, you’ll avoid the fall of large chunks of wood on your roof, or your car.

By removing dead wooden pieces, you’ll prevent additional property damage.

3. Eliminate Drainage

Another thing you could do is to regularly check areas that may have holes and leaks. Keep your gutter, basement, and attic dry and clean at all times, lest a moldy and moist surface conducts unwanted electrical energy.

4. Be Wary of Power Lines

When the storm is over, you may be tempted to turn on your TV or computer, but refrain from doing so. Go outside and check the power lines. If you see any damage to them, report it immediately and whatever you do – don’t tamper with the lines yourself.

5. Protect Your Car and All Outdoor Items

If you have a backyard with a shed, a pool, or a garden, you need to face the reality that these areas may be damaged during a storm. The same goes for cars parked outside.

Make sure you take the necessary steps to prevent any avoidable damage to all of your outdoor items, mainly by providing a suitable cover for the outdoor surfaces.

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6. Careful about Drinking Water

After a storm, your water supply may be contaminated. Instead of drinking tap water during or immediately after the storm ends, rely on store-bought bottles for a while, until you’re sure that the water is safe to drink again.

7. Seal Your Doors and Windows

Ensure that all of your doors and windows are fully closed and completely sealed during a storm. Otherwise, you risk direct indoor damage, alongside possible window and door frame issues.

8. Implement Storm-Proof Equipment

If you leave in a storm-prone area, invest in special doors and windows intended to withstand such weather conditions. It might be pricier to do – but it works in the long run.

9. Ensure Your Roof is in Good Shape

Speaking of storm SOS, regularly check your roof for any potential holes or erosions. A faulty roof immediately endangers the entire building, so you have to be sure that nothing threatens its stability or infrastructure.

10. Contact Authorities

Finally, as soon as a storm has passed, immediately contact local authorities. Once at the scene, let them assess the damage. Avoid doing anything on your own, and wait for the professional team’s go-ahead before you proceed with regular household activities.

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